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CodePorting C#2Java is a web-based tool for converting C# applications, projects and source code into Java. Its powerful porting engine has all the capability to parse and transform millions of lines of code to Java in few seconds. C# to Java code porting add-in for C# converts source code right from Visual Studio 2005, 2008 or 2010. This functionality is provided purely using CodePorting Web APIs (Snippet Porting API, Code Analyser API, Library Management APIs, Projects Management APIs). CodePorting C#2Java code analyzer also helps you identify .NET language constructs, which are not portable to Java and helps you fix your small changes instantly by editing your code using source code editor. Built- in source code viewer with syntax highlighter makes your code more readable and accessible anywhere everywhere. CodePorting C#2Java APIs make it possible for you to convert your .NET code directly from your local environment and favorite IDEs.

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